About Transform

TRANSFORM IS CLOSED, but QUEERCENTRIC WORKOUTS ARE HERE TO STAY! Don’t worry friends you can still workout with me every Tuesday 6:30pm at MYO Massage and get personal training. I’m also coming up with some crazy fun events, so keep up with us on facebook to stay in the loop!

If you wanna read what we WERE doing at Transform below, go right ahead.

LGBT-Friendly Gym Opened by Artist Erica Nix:

Who: Erica Nix – local artist, activist and Austin institution (ericanix.com)

What: TRANSFORM – a gym, yoga studio, community space, and art gallery (transformfitnessaustin.com)

Where: 1909 Wheless Street, Austin, TX 78723 near the Mueller development

Why: To serve people outside of normative physical culture, with special interest in the queer and trans community. All are welcome!

When: Classes and events held every day by Erica and her hand-picked instructors. You can learn more about each instructor and their classes in the calendar of events.

Erica Nix is on a mission to Make Working Out Fun Again! Her kitschy, sex-positive aerobics classes have grown a loyal following, and now she’s taking her movement to the next level. In December of 2016 she opened her own studio, Transform, hosting a full range of fitness classes and events.

At Transform, Erica teaches aerobics, Class Transitions, and does personal training. Her aerobics classes celebrate legends like Richard Simmons and Jane Fonda, with music ranging from CnC Music Factory to Big Freedia. In Class Transitions, transgender and non binary individuals use strength training and aerobics to shape their bodies as they become their most authentic selves. Transform offers yoga classes taught by other badass instructors- Queerdalini, Big Boy Yoga, and more!

Erica Nix is a personal trainer, performance artist and choreographer well known in Austin and beyond. When you work out with Erica Nix, you are not just working your body – you’re creating art. Erica and her students perform routines around town at events like Queer Bomb, OUTsider fest, and Gaybigaygay. Workout has also performed or exhibited at local prestigious art galleries including Lora Reynolds, The Contemporary, MASS, and EAST Austin Studio Tours. Erica invites all her students to participate in the performances, with retro spandex and Richard Simmons wigs encouraged.

Erica has also partnered for several years with director Jessica Gardner to produce the web series, “Workout! With Erica Nix.” The latest shows Erica’s routine to Chinese pop song Chick Chick by Wang Rong Rollin. Filmed in part at Johnson’s Backyard Garden, it features aerobics students and farmers joining together to rock out like chickens (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-n1AgGZr-g).

Erica creates a fun, safe space to work out, get healthy, and be part of a creative community. With Transform, she’s reaching a broader audience and creating a new venue for events including art shows, kid dance parties, and workshops.

Click here for more information on Erica’s philosophy and personal training.