• Our Bodies by Shaun Lee


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    Our bodies–the vessels that hold us–do not define us fully. Bodies, as a biological symbol of life here on Earth, give us power–the power to move, create, make love–and, simultaneously, experience human suffering. It is our innate right to make our own body what we want it to be and through this realize our truest expression and most fulfilled life.

    These bodies, in a highly critical and manipulated society, are subjected to stigmas from all angles. Here, we challenge that. I encourage you to define your body as you wish and thus give your soul the space in which to honor itself through true and honest expression.

    About Shaun Lee

    Shaun Lee was born and raised in Austin, Tx. His work reflects the fluidity of identity, drawing on the imbalance between preconceived assumptions of gender and body, and the propensity for transformation. Using stark contrast, most often with pen and ink, he simplifies the dialogue between metaphor and instinctual emotion. The manipulation of raw materials in his work evokes the dynamic nature of these relationships in visual form, expressing the depth of human emotion intertwined with our insidious nature of suppression and assumption. Harnessing vulnerable parts of the human experience, Shaun hopes the observer walks through the pieces and feels included in the process of each detail.

    Shaun Lee’s work was the perfect fit for Transform’s first Art Show. I am sad to see him take it home. To submit your own work for a solo or group show contact ericanixphotography@gmail.com

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