• Personal Training Session


    Hi I’m Erica Nix!
    Thanks for seeking me out. You must be looking for a change, and I know how hard it is to get started. Caring for yourself can be scary, and that makes you brave! I’m sorry if I sound cheesy, but that’s how I see it.

    I am so proud to announce that I was awarded Best Body Positive Ambassador in 2016 and Best Personal Trainer in 2017 & 2018 by the Austin Chronicle. Honestly, the fact that I am a local “gaymous” fitness instructor still surprises me. My introduction into physical culture was a creative act of defiance against it. I was suffering from internalized homophobia and body dysmorphia. I created a personality that would publicly “exercise” those demons out of me. It was Performance Art.

    Long story short, that character traveled from public space, to a web series, to art galleries, to professional aerobics classes and finally into ACC’s program for personal training. If you want to hear the long story,  read this great article by Brently Heilbron on culturemap.

    My philosophy around personal training is a little different because of my personal story. I understand the desire to neglect my health because of some inner voice telling me, “I’m not worth it.” And while I will never understand how it feels to be transgender, I have  a lot of empathy for transgender people because of the body dysmorphia I have experienced.

    My technique is different because I consider each person’s specific concerns about their own body and how it effects their gender identity. While I have training methods for desired physical effects, I believe the real power is simple getting INSIDE your body and perhaps learning to love your body for the first time.

    Just $50 for 45 minutes. I love everyone, but my speciality is to work with freak, geeks, queers, transgender folk, and basically ANYONE that FEELS OUTSIDE of normative physical culture. I can do Virtual Personal Training too! Just $45 for our first face to face 45 minutes and then 4 virtual sessions for $100! Click here to make an appointment today!

    Workout! with Erica Nix has led parades and performed in galleries, but we really love working out at weddings and parties! Believe me, your guest will be ready to shake it after we’re done with them. 512-923-5859

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